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PRO-TACHO Analysis

PRO-TACHO Analysis is our powerful web-based, digital tachograph analysis reporting system. Simple to use, easy to install, fully automated, compatible with your current hardware and fully compliant with EU Drivers Hours Law & Road Transport Regulations.

Procured by transport operators of all sizes and in all sectors our advanced software provides a secure system to manage your tachograph analysis and compliance requirements, the system provides powerful KPI exception based reporting for your drivers and vehicles and can be utilised across multiple sites and operating centre’s. All reports can be automatically generated and emailed to your transport manager or as many colleagues as required to ensure complete transparency throughout your business.

We offer as standard:

  • PREFERENTIAL Member Rates and competitive customer rates
  • FREE unlimited vehicle downloads
  • FREE secure data storage
  • FREE upgrades and ongoing support (New Features live from January 2018 , read on for details)

Key Benefits:

  • 1 FULL DAY on site one to one training for as many colleagues as required
  • No Call Centre’s, just one to one ongoing support and advice 24/7
  • Access your analysis data from anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce infringements, risks and DVSA penalties

Key Features include:

  • PRO-VIEW – Managers KPI dashboard with at a glance live reports updated in real time
  • PRO-CONTROL – Investigate, update, manage and produce reports at the touch of a button
  • PRO-DRIVER – Password protected platform for drivers to view their own live data
  • PRO-Infringement Module – Easy infringement investigating, reporting and debriefing
  • PRO-Document Storage – allocate and store online driver and vehicle documents (5MB)
  • Auto generated reports emailed instantly to as many colleagues as required
  • Potential road side fines and penalty reports

Additional Features include:

  • PRO-DEFECT APP – Online defect reporting App (£45 per driver per annum)
  • PRO-LICENCE  – Driver licence checking service (£4.75 per driver per check)

New Features live from January 2018:

  • NEW Earned Recognition Reporting
  • NEW PRO-DEFECT App for daily defect reporting
  • NEW integrated vehicle tracking and remote tachograph downloading
  • NEW Time management platform and employee rota tool
  • NEW easier KPI tracking for driver infringements
  • NEW signature feature and capability
  • NEW control features for multiple sites and operating centres
  • UNLIMITED PRO-Document online storage facility
  • Updated tachograph infringement reporting
  • Updated and improved driver calendar
  • Easier, Faster search, navigation and reporting functions


Advance payment per annual subscription

PRO T.E.C.T. SOLUTIONS Membership Rate £60.00+VAT per digital driver per annum.

PRO T.E.C.T. SOLUTIONS Customer Rate – £60.00+VAT per digital driver per annum.

Full day on site one to one full systems training including system set up and data transfer

PRO T.E.C.T. SOLUTIONS Membership Rate £450.00+VAT

PRO T.E.C.T. SOLUTIONS Customer Rate £500.00+VAT

To find out more about the PRO-TACHO Analysis system or to discuss how you can access our membership rates and bespoke operator licence compliance packages please call the team on 01373 593 24-7 or email and we will arrange for a consultant to make an appointment at a time to suit your business.

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PRO TECT SOLUTIONS is a fast growing and innovative transport compliance consultancy providing and securing legal and compliance services for our members and non-member clients. In association with our trusted business partners we are extremely proud that we are successfully driving down the cost of operator licence compliance services for all of our members & non-member clients.

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