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The vehicle and trailer maintenance planner is the beating heart of a healthy and compliant operator licence. It is without doubt one of the most important components your business needs to demonstrate you are planning ahead, booking ahead and presenting vehicles for Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMI’s) within the schedules you declared to the Traffic Commissioner.

The PRO-PLAN service from PRO TECT SOLUTIONS has been developed to meet all of these safety critical demands, improve your operator compliance, increase vehicle utilisation and significantly reduce your operational costs. This industry leading and confidential service involves a professional maintenance planner and scheduler undertaking an intensive 100% audit of all your vehicle files and trailer files to establish the exact facts and dates of all previous and most recent events.

As a bare minimum, an effective and compliant vehicle and trailer maintenance planner must…

  • Be recognised and treated as a valuable tool to reduce your operational costs.
  • Plan around your peak periods to increase vehicle availability when you need it most.
  • At all times plan ahead by no less than 6 months preferably 12 months from the present date.
  • Have a clear and easy to understand coding system and supporting legend.
  • Be clearly displayed within the business, updated regularly and all relevant staff trained how to understand it.
  • Be communicated and agreed in advance with your route planners and maintenance provider/team.
  • Plan all PMI’s within the schedules declared to the Traffic Commissioner.
  • Plan ahead for all MOT’s, Vehicle Excise Duty renewals and Tachograph Calibrations.
  • Plan ahead for a minimum 4 recorded Brake Tests for all vehicles and trailers inclusive of the MOT.
  • Account for Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDI’s) and First Use Inspections (FUI’s) to ensure PMI dates are correctly schedule.
  • Display and track SORN vehicle’s, vehicles removed from service and vehicles off road (VOR)
  • Display all FUI’s completed prior to VOR vehicle/trailer going back on the road.

To ensure optimum fleet efficiency and increase your fleet utilisation this complete service will identify;

  • Every opportunity to strategically schedule maintenance events to avoid operational peak periods.
  • Every opportunity to plan PMI’s to coincide with other events such as tachograph calibrations, tail lift, HIAB inspections

In direct consultation with our members and clients we will specifically tailor your next 12-months maintenance planning using our unique excel spreadsheet. Your maintenance planner can be printed off and displayed in multiple locations within the business such as the transport office and the maintenance workshops.

All updates to the planner are tracked on the excel spreadsheet using a traffic light system as follows;

A vehicle or trailer is due for PMI – the planned event on the spreadsheet starts as RED

A vehicle or trailer is presented for PMI – change the colour of the box on the spreadsheet is changed to AMBER.

The PMI paperwork is received, quality controlled and filed – the colour of the box is changed from amber to GREEN.

This simple but extremely effective maintenance planning solution will ensure our members and clients can track the progress of a planned event from initial presentation to securing and filing the documentation from your maintenance provider.

Costs for the service

Member Rates for initial maintenance file audit and transfer of data onto the electronic planner and 6 monthly updates.

Up to 10 vehicles and trailers £250.00+VAT thereafter a charge of £30.00+VAT per vehicle and trailer will apply.


Non-member client rates for initial maintenance file audit and transfer of data onto the electronic planner and 6 monthly updates.

Up to 10 vehicles and trailers £300.00+VAT thereafter a charge of £35.00+VAT per vehicle and trailer will apply.


Full training on how the planner is operated, monitored, updated, communicated and displayed within your operation will be provided as standard.

To find out more about the PRO-PLAN service or to discuss how you can access our membership rates and bespoke operator licence compliance packages please call the team on 01373 593 24-7 or email and we will arrange for a consultant to make an appointment at a time to suit your business.

Find out more about the team at PRO T.E.C.T. SOLUTIONS, review our member and non-member testimonials. You can also view all of our Operator Licence compliance services, products and find out more about our trailblazing membership scheme by visiting

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