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Our Professional Driver Daily Check and Defect Report Books for HGV’s and Vans have undergone a further update. The focus of our latest updates was to meet the changes in the DVSA’s November 2018 updated guide to maintaining roadworthiness, the recently announced roadside emissions testing and the additional safety equipment checks required for FORS 5.0.

To remain compliant to your operator licence it is essential that your defect reporting systems and policies are on point and updated regularly. Updating your defect reporting systems must account for the new regulations, the demands of new roadside enforcement strategies as well as meeting the new FORS 5.0 accreditation standards. Updated in November 2018 our industry leading defect books are the only books to incorporate four essential requirements in to one daily report.

We are extremely proud that our newly updated 4 in 1 driver defect books and FREE supporting policy template now include all of the FORS 5.0 Bronze, Silver and Gold checks as standard. If you are already a FORS Accredited operator or your considering applying for FORS our defect books will ensure above all others that your drivers are recording the additional checks expected of you. Plus you wont believe how much we can save you…

New checks added…

Adblue (if required) tank secure, leaks and ECS (new 2018 DVSA requirement)

Class V and VI mirrors


Side Underrun Bars

Not only are we leading the market in design and price (see a comparison below of our prices against the only other two providers of FORS defect books we could find on the market below) amazingly our updates don’t stop there. We have included the following advice on the wrap around writing shield as a daily reminder to your driver’s of the law, their welfare and the safety of other road users…

DRIVER BEWARE… As of 5th March 2018, the DVSA have the power to issue roadside fines for up to 5 historical drivers hours offences within the previous 28-day period. Drivers could face fines of up to £1500.

ATTENTION… It is illegal, and you must never use a hand held mobile phone whilst driving our vehicles. From the 1st March 2017 fines were doubled to £200 and drivers will automatically receive 6 points penalty points even for a 1st offence.


Our vehicles are fitted with additional safety equipment and features to assist drivers with reversing, blind spot reduction and information for other road users and in particular vulnerable road users.

Check Number 20. Additional safety equipment / Signage includes checks and defect reports for the following items (if fitted and attached) …

  • Proximity Sensors and alarms
  • Turning left / right / reverse alarms
  • Blind Spot Take Care stickers
  • No Smoking Signs
  • Fresnel Lenses
  • Beacons


Many studies make it clear that sleep deprivation is dangerous, Driver fatigue could be a factor in 10% of all road accidents. If your tired, pull over in the next services (or a safe and legal place) Please inform your manager that you had pulled over for a few minutes as you felt you needed a break due to tiredness to enable you to carry on.


Drivers must observe all the rules of the road including speed limits, speed restrictions and weight limits for the vehicle this includes all yard limits at our operating centre and while at a third-party site.

Always drive all vehicles in line with rules of the road, the highway code, current legislation and in a manner appropriate for the prevailing road, weather conditions and give due care and attention to all other road users including cyclists, pedestrians (including old people, children and the disabled), horse riders, motorcyclists, highway maintenance workers and a more recent and more vulnerable addition people with mobility scooters.

Other essential compliance requirements included in our daily defect report books…

Even before a driver records a daily walk around check of your vehicle they will be required to sign the following declaration…

Prior to reporting for duty I have taken a legal EU Drivers Hours Rules daily/weekly rest period. I have not completed any undeclared work with another employer. I will not use a handheld mobile phone whilst driving, I am not under the influence of alcohol or drugs or medication prescribed or otherwise that may affect my ability to drive.

This declaration has been designed to protect and defend your operator licence from issues relating to:

  • EU Driver Hours and the Working Time Directive offences
  • The use of handheld mobile phones whilst driving
  • Drivers testing positive at roadside for alcohol, drugs or undeclared medications that could affect their ability to drive.

More importantly the declaration gives your drivers ample opportunity to consider the legal requirements of their role and to report in confidence to a manager prior to taking control of a vehicle. On the front page the following advice is also clearly displayed..

ATTENTION!! If you do not meet the legal daily/weekly rest requirements or if you are unable to sign the daily declaration section due to health reasons or you are unsure if medication you have taken affects your ability to drive report immediately to a manager.

Methodical daily walk around checklist

All driver checks within the book are listed in such a way as to guide a driver around the vehicle / trailer methodically. This makes our books an excellent training tool for new drivers as well as updating your existing drivers with new prompts relating to your operator licence compliance, additional vehicle roadworthiness checks and checks relating to additional safety equipment fitted to your vehicles. Drivers can record that the vehicle/trailer is roadworthy within this section by completing the “NIL” defect box and signing off the report.

Dedicated defect reporting section

This dual-purpose section of the book allows a driver to provide a written report of all roadworthiness defects or operator compliance issues for either a vehicle or a trailer. This is to ensure that once the defect or issue has been rectified the report is entered into the correct maintenance file.

Dedicated defect rectification section

The defect rectification section is the final and most important section within the book. It enables an operator to demonstrate and record the action they have taken to rectify reported defects. When a written report is received from a driver identifying roadworthiness defects or operator compliance issues they must be categorised and rectified without delay. A written record must be entered into the space provided of all work completed and parts used. This can be completed by the driver, a maintenance provider, a manager or a service provider. No matter who completes the defect rectification section a good transport manager should always check the quality of the repair work. A final failsafe regarding recorded rectifications within this section is the following declaration that must be signed off..

I consider that the above defect/s have been rectified satisfactorily and this vehicle/trailer is now in a safe and roadworthy condition. 

Supporting Policy Template

We are the only provider of driver defect books that provide as standard a FREE comprehensive policy template full of instructions, procedures and protocols to help you communicate the introduction of your updated defect reporting systems.

Costs and cost comparison with our competitors 

You can easily research yourself by typing in FORS defect books on to any web based  search engine and find the following information…

Provider 1 (date of checking 30/03/18)

Member Price:  £4.65
Non Member Price: £4.70

Provider 2 (date of checking 30/03/18)

Price £3.70

PRO TECT SOLUTIONS – the same guaranteed price since the end of 2016

Costs per book for Members

Orders of 50 books or less – £2.80 +VAT per book (deliver charges may apply depending on location)

Orders over 50 books – £2.60+VAT per book (deliver charges may apply depending on location)

Orders over 100 books – £2.50+VAT per book (deliver charges may apply depending on location)

Orders over 200 books £2.40+ VAT per book (deliver charges may apply depending on location)

Costs per book for Non- Members

Orders of 50 books or less – £3.25 +VAT per book (deliver charges may apply depending on location)

Orders over 50 books – £3.05+VAT per book (deliver charges may apply depending on location)

Orders over 100 books – £2.95+VAT per book (deliver charges may apply depending on location)

Orders over 200 books £2.85+ VAT per book (deliver charges may apply depending on location)

At best we can reduce the cost for FORS Accredited operators between a whopping 35% and 48% when compared to other providers currently offering a similar product.

Our bigger, easier to complete, easier to file A5 size books all contain 50 duplicate pages with a full wrap around protective cover.

To find out more about our defect books and supporting systems or to discuss how you can access our membership rates and bespoke operator licence compliance packages please call the team on 01373 593 24-7 or email and we will arrange for a consultant to make an appointment at a time to suit your business.

Find out more about the team at PRO T.E.C.T. SOLUTIONS, review our member and non-member testimonials. You can also view all of our Operator Licence compliance services, products and find out more about our trailblazing membership scheme by visiting our home page

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