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We are the only membership organisation in the UK that requires 100% of our members to undergo a proactive annual operator licence compliance audit. More importantly we are the only UK membership organisation to include the cost of the annual audit for our members in the membership subscription fee. An annual full systems and procedures operator licence audit undertaken by one of our qualified transport professionals and experienced auditors ensures our members and non-member clients can keep up to date with industry and regulatory changes.

By providing ongoing support and annual recommendations for your business, our aim is to ensure all our members and non-member clients remain compliant to your operator licence undertakings and conditions. For non-members and new operators we can offer peace of mind or a helping hand.

All of our members and non-member clients can expect as a minimum..

  • A fully confidential service, we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office. ICO number ZA177137
  • A full day of professional advice and support by a qualified, experience and professional transport consultant.
  • Continuous and real time updating of our audit template to incorporate regulatory changes and industry best practice.
  • A comprehensive report with a unique scoring system clearly detailing the auditor’s recommendations in order of priority.
  • FREE supporting templates, policies and step by step guidance notes to help you resolve any non-compliance identified.
  • A comprehensive recommendations booklet full of useful links, advice & a notes section to record and track your progress.
  • Ongoing telephone based after care with your auditor to provide ongoing support and advice when you need it.
  • On site follow up service for further hands on assistance to meet your operator licence undertakings (additional rates apply)

Undertakings Audits as requested by a Traffic Commissioner

We have assisted many operator licence holders by completing comprehensive undertakings audits as requested by a Traffic Commissioner following a Public Inquiry or Preliminary Hearing. Our experience of completing these types of audits will be essential to ensure the Traffic Commissioner receives a professional overview of your current systems. The structure of our audit template will also enables you to present your action plans and actions taken to resolve the recommendations identified.  This service is completed over two days rather than the one day for a proactive audit.

FORS 4.1i preparation audits

In addition we undertake for our members and non-member clients FORS Bronze (4.1i) preparation audits, we are extremely proud to say that 100% of the companies we have assisted have achieved their FORS Bronze Accreditation first time.

Overview of the Audit

The audit will focus on four sections (full details included in the audit preparation pack)

Section 1The operator licence, transport management systems, communication with Leeds CLO, the DVSA and the Traffic Commissioner, access to and maintenance of the operator online self-service, operator policies and procedures, insurance documentation, checking and monitoring driver licence’s, qualifications and the continuous professional development of employees.

Section 2Employment policies, contracts of employment, inducting new employees, agency contracts, management procedures, risk assessments, safe systems of work, health and safety.

Section 3Maintenance planning and scheduling, resources and management procedures, documentation and vehicle records, maintenance contracts, brake testing, re-torque policy, driver defect reporting and monitoring systems.

Section 4Drivers hours and record keeping, working time directive, Road Transport Regulations, speeding, tachograph records, analysis arrangements and agreements, analysis management procedures, dealing with driver infringements.

Audit Costs

Member Rates                                                                

Annual Proactive Audit        £0.00 (1 day)

FORS 4.1i Prep. Audit           £500.00+VAT (1 day)  can be reduced to just £50.00+VAT*

Undertakings Audit               £900.00+VAT (2 days) can be reduced to just £450.00+VAT*

Non-Member Rates

Proactive Audit                   £650.00+VAT (1 day)

FORS 4.1i Prep. Audit       £700.00+VAT (1 day)

Undertakings Audit           £1300.00+VAT (2 days)

*All of our members that have not undergone a proactive audit within the current years membership have the option to reduce the costs listed above for a FORS 4.1.ii Preparation Audit to just £50.00+VAT and the Undertakings audit requested by a Traffic Commissioner to just £450.00+VAT. Members requiring more than one proactive audit within any 12 months subscription period will be charged a member rate of £450.00+VAT per audit.

To find out more about the PRO-AUDIT service or to discuss how you can access our membership rates and bespoke operator licence compliance packages, please call the team on 01373 593 24-7 or email and we will arrange for a consultant to make an appointment at a time to suit your business.

Find out more about the team at PRO T.E.C.T. SOLUTIONS, review our member and non-member testimonials on the “about us” page You can also view all of our Operator Licence compliance services, products and find out more about our trailblazing membership scheme by visiting our main page at

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PRO TECT SOLUTIONS is a fast growing and innovative transport compliance consultancy providing and securing legal and compliance services for our members and non-member clients. In association with our trusted business partners we are extremely proud that we are successfully driving down the cost of operator licence compliance services for all of our members & non-member clients.

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