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All of our members benefit from exclusive voucher deals from £5 – £25 to redeem against the cost of each Transport Manager and Driver CPC training course booked with WTTL. We are proud to work in association with the team at WTTL, their team of professional trainers have joined forces with PRO TECT SOLUTIONS to provide our members with exclusive access to reduced costs for their services.

Boasting an impressive 1st time pass rate of 76% WTTL offer our members a well-earned assurance that candidates attending their Transport Manager CPC Course are attending one of the best course’s delivered by the best trainers available in the UK.

Our members can redeem a £25 voucher against the cost of:

  • A 1 day Operator Licence Awareness Course (OLAC)
  • A 2 day Transport Manager Refresher Course
  • A Transport Manager CPC Course.

Our members can also redeem a £5 voucher against the cost of each driver they book on to any of the Driver CPC Courses listed below…

Dangerous Goods Awareness                         LGV Only (Class size 20) – 7 HOURS

SAFED – LGV & PCV (VR*)                            Both LGV & PCV (Class size 2) – 7 HOURS

First Aid Awareness                                         Both LGV & PCV (Class size 20) – 7 HOURS

FORS Safe Urban Driving                                Both LGV & PCV (Class size 24) – 7 HOURS

Close Quarter Manoeuvring (VR*)                    LGV Only (Class size 6) – 3.5 HOURS

Safe Loading of Vehicles                                  LGV Only (Class size 20)  – 3.5 HOURS

Health & Safety for Drivers                               LGV Only (Class size 20) – 3.5 HOURS

Route Planning                                                 LGV Only (Class size 20)   – 3.5 HOURS

SAFED Refresher (IV**)                                   Both LGV & PCV (Class size 2) – 3.5 HOURS

Dealing with Accidents/Incidents                      Both LGV & PCV (Class size 20) – 3.5 HOURS

Manual Handling (VR*)                                     Both LGV & PCV (Class size 20) – 3.5 HOURS

Driving Down Accidents                                    Both LGV & PCV (Class size 20) – 3.5 HOURS

Driver health, Defensive                                    Both LGV & PCV (Class size 20) – 3.5 HOURS

& Fuel-Efficient Driving

Digital Tachograph                                             Both LGV & PCV (Class size 20) – 3.5 HOURS

Drivers Hours & Working Time Directive            Both LGV & PCV (Class size 20) – 3.5 HOURS

Eco Driving for Safety & Fuel Economy             Both LGV & PCV (Class size 20) – 3.5 HOURS

Highway Code                                                    Both LGV & PCV (Class size 20) – 3.5 HOURS

Driver Welfare                                                    Both LGV & PCV (Class size 20) – 3.5 HOURS

Vehicle Checks/Defect Reporting                      Specify LGV or PCV (Class size 20) – 3.5 HOURS

Customer Care                                                   Specify LGV or PCV (Class size 20) – 3.5 HOURS

(*Vehicle Required **In Vehicle)

Bulk bookings for driver CPC courses can secure our members even better rates. This can be discussed directly with the team at WTTL.

WTTL – A winning formula

From licence acquisition through driver development to management training, WTTL is unique in its scope and quality, providing a range and flexibility that’s unequalled in the industry.

From providing courses at a local level for individuals or small to medium operators, to delivering comprehensive corporate training programmes to companies on a national scale, WTTL has established itself as one of the country’s leading transport training providers delivering not only the most comprehensive range of one off courses but also providing a unique and innovative ‘Whole of Life’ approach to the concept of training.

Based in the South West, courses can be carried out at our fully equipped Training Centre in Devizes, a great central location for learners throughout the Southern and Central regions of England.

Training is all about people – and that’s just what makes WTTL so different, and so effective.

WTTL said “Working in association with PRO TECT SOLUTIONS gives us an opportunity to reward and reduce costs for UK hauliers and operator licence holders. We recognise the commitment made by PRO TECT SOLUTIONS Members to improve road safety and their operator licence compliance. Working together we aim to promote the merits of being a compliant operator”.

Members can secure their £5 per driver and £25 per manager vouchers upon booking a course with the team at WTTL. Simply provide your unique PRO TECT SOLUTIONS membership number as a reference and once WTTL have confirmed your membership is valid with us you can access one of the many benefits of being a member with PRO TECT SOLUTIONS.

If you are considering membership or are a client of PRO TECT SOLUTIONS please contact us on 01373 593247 or email to access all of our reduced member rates and our growing list of associate service provider benefits.



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PRO TECT SOLUTIONS is a fast growing and innovative transport compliance consultancy providing and securing legal and compliance services for our members and non-member clients. In association with our trusted business partners we are extremely proud that we are successfully driving down the cost of operator licence compliance services for all of our members & non-member clients.

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