Secure your exclusive member rebate of 0.5ppl with Diesel24. In recognition of the hard work and dedication of our members to improve their operator licence compliance and road safety standards Diesel24 have teamed up with PRO TECT SOLUTIONS to reward our members with exclusive savings on their fuel cards.

The exclusive member rebate deal will track at 0.5ppl (pence per litre) below their already highly competitive fixed weekly rates meaning our members will save an extra £6.00 (inclusive of VAT) for every 1000 litres of fuel purchased.

PRO TECT SOLUTIONS is proud to be working in association with Diesel 24 to drive down the one of the biggest costs for all hauliers.

Diesel 24 – Power to You

Diesel 24 are a small family run fuel card supplier and we are working with PRO TECT SOLUTIONS to reward their members with an exclusive rebate on the cost of fuel purchased with our cards.

We are offering members an exclusive 0.5ppl rebate on pre-pay and all the fuel cards listed below:


Our dedicated and experienced team will set up and manage your account, ensure it is tailored to your exact business needs and secure you the best prices available.

Key Benefits on our Diesel24 Fuel card

  • Exclusive 0.5ppl rebate for all PRO TECT SOLUTIONS Members
  • No Contract
  • Fixed Weekly Pence per litre Price sent to you every Friday
  • Zero non-usage fees
  • No transaction fees
  • Free 24/7 online service
  • HMRC approved invoices – No more keeping and logging receipts!
  • One dedicated Account Manager

For more information about our cards, the exclusive member rebate and potential savings please contact.

Sue Florence on 01698 537157


Web: – for access to site locator and online application – please put “H&W Group” after trading name Maxim Business Park, Maxim 1 – 1st Floor, 2 Parklands Way, Eurocentral Motherwell, Lanarkshire, ML1 4WR

Membership with PRO TECT SOLUTIONS gives UK hauliers and operator licence holders access to all of our reduced rates, including reduced rates from our associate service providers. The annual membership subscription also includes the cost of an annual operator licence compliance health check to keep you up to date and compliant. Find out more HERE

Call Barry Hood CMILT on 01373 593247 to discuss your requirements or email me at All initial consultations are completely cost and obligation free.

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PRO TECT SOLUTIONS is a fast growing and innovative transport compliance consultancy providing and securing legal and compliance services for our members and non-member clients. In association with our trusted business partners we are extremely proud that we are successfully driving down the cost of operator licence compliance services for all of our members & non-member clients.

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